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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

ARE THEY CRAZY? Countrywide!!!

This is my last short sale in the pipeline with Countrywide.I use last in the truest sense of the word. It's the only short sale I have left with THEM and it's the LAST one I will take with them.

Their own people tell me their process are ridiculous but hey what are you going to do?
I had an approved short sale, letter in hand. However by the time the got it to me we lost the buyer. Bet you never heard that before? We immediately got a new buyer for the same offer amount less them asking for closing costs. Hmm..... higher net to the investor. I'm feeling a slam dunk here.
What I really got was "go to jail, directly to jail, do not pass go, do not collect $6000." "no commission for you!"In other words "that's great we will start the file over and send it back to the front lines. Are you joking me? After 8 months of working on this, 500 phone calls, who knows how many showings, and they have the nerve to act like we are overpaid. I'm thinking I'm at .89 cents an hour. Now I'm at .00.

Same offer, bigger net, start over. Are you paid to think? Does the investor audit these people? Our money is bailing them out? In the meantime there are now 2 sales that will bring this one down further and will probably blow this price out of the water by the time "Stella gets her Grove Back".
Why do we stay in this game? For the customers we serve. It sure isn't to help the banks that constantly have their hands in our wallets and their heads in the sand. Well I'm tired of looking at their rear ends. They need to be accountable. In the meantime they are bringing values down with how slow they are.

I had one home go down $70,000 over the course of all the offers before the bank finally approved. They lost $70,000 because the process is not streamlined, and people are not paid to think. Oh did I mention that was Countrywide and it took a Negotiaters Boss to step in to finally get it closed. Hello!


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